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MEET Curtis


I was born in Sumter in 1964. My parents, Betty and James Boyd, along with my three older sisters, relocated to Darlington two months later. My parents never made it past the ninth grade, but they provided us with a good life. My mother was a stay-at-home mom; my father labored for more than fifty years as a highway construction worker. He never earned much money.


During my first 18 years I lived in various places around the city, from Smith Avenue to Lamar Road. Sadly, I have watched my hometown go from a vibrant and booming city to one that is withering away. 


In 1982 I graduated St. Johns High.  I soon earned degrees from Florence Darlington Technical College and Francis Marion University. Education was very important to me but not easy to obtain considering I came from such modest means. 


My parents taught me a valuable lesson in how to manage what I earned and to prosper from it. Through these teachings I have learned what it takes to build and maintain a thriving business. This business continues to efficiently operate and is focused on growth. Likewise, our city should be focused on growth. 


As a young child I recognized the need to be a self-starter. To earn spending money I sold newspapers, bicycles and mowed yards in the summer heat; nobody was there 

to give me money. I have sought new challenges to test my will and vision. I have constantly strived to improve and accomplish more while learning what works every day. Simply put, without a will there is no drive. 


No matter the jobs I have performed or the circumstances I have faced, I sought to do more and to improve myself. Each of us must have that burning desire to grow and prosper.


I love my hometown. I have a desire to bring about positive and unified change to Darlington. This change is not for only one group; it is for all of us. Not everyone will agree. Not everyone will want to be a part of it. Not everyone will want to work. There are however, I am convinced, a large number of people who feel the same as I and are waiting for leadership to bring about positive change. These like-minded citizens share my vision, my belief, and my determination that some things are worth working toward. Darlington is worth the work!


I ask you to join me to work and bring about the change that is so badly needed in Darlington. Change for the sake of change is never good, but change to make things better, more sustainable and progressive are changes worth fighting for. We can join together and share the vision of a better Darlington for all her people. Let's make this happen! I am asking for your support as I run for Mayor. Together we can make Darlington great again! 

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